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About Girolamo

Girolamo Publishers was founded in 1995 by Franz Müller-Busch. Due to his longstanding experience as editor and music-graphic designer he decided to take the bold step by investing in the printing and distribution of his own editions.

What started modestly became in the course of the years a small but interesting publishing programme. Franz Müller-Busch’s preoccupation with vocal music and his special interest in Baroque cantatas have brought about important first editions of cantatas by Pepusch, Bononcini and Porsile. Amongst his publications are also practical and typographically faultless editions of cantatas by Telemann and Handel that have been published elsewhere.

His background as a recorder player is the reason for the numerous editions for and with recorders. The series 12 “Per flauto dolce” has many first editions of which some are original recorder music and others interesting adaptations. The series 21 “Folk and Jazz” provide good material for pleasure, entertainment, recitals or for just simply in between. The series 13 (Music for Flute) and 18 (Pieces for Percussion Ensemble) form an exception with their exotic touch and are also a source of musical pleasure.

The following criteria are significant for the editions published by Girolamo:


F. Müller-BuschFranz Müller-Busch

was born 1963 in Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg). After having learned the recorder for two years at the music school he switched to the clarinet, that he persued for nine years. At the age of sixteen he discovered in a hidden corner of his wardrobe his old school recorder and started learning the descant and treble with fresh vigour.

In 1983 he started studying the recorder under Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thieme in Hanover. After he graduated in 1987 and 1990 he was appointed recorder teacher at the music school in Calw, then worked as editor for Breitkopf & Härtel, followed by six years free-lance work as editor, music-graphic designer, publisher and musician. For a short period he worked for Moeck publishers. Since 2007 he is free-lance recorder teacher in Celle, occasionally performs in concert and takes care of the publishing firm.